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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

In Year 2 you will find Mrs Stead and Mrs Cashmore :)

Curriculum Information

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Welcome to Year 2

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Day to day


PE lessons will be on a Thursday and Friday. During autumn term Year 2 will be taking part in gymnatics lessons run by Beth Tweddle group coaches. On Fridays we will be practing our ball and multiskills. Please make sure your child keeps thier PE kit in school and they will be sent home half termly. 


Daily reading, spellings and timetables remain key priorities in weekly homework. Alongside this the children will now receive either a piece of literacy or maths homework that will be stuck into their homework books and given out on a Wednesday. This work will be expected in on the following Monday. If homework is not completed regularly children will be asked to attend homework club on a Thursday break time. Children will also be given one project per half term that will be linked to their class topic. The children will be given all half term to complete their projects and a date will be set in the last week of term when these are due in. More information about homework can be found in your child’s homework books.


Children to spend the week learning a spelling rule or set of high frequency words. Words will be given out on Mondays to practice in the week and will be tested on Fridays. Mrs Cashmore's group will be tested on the words alone but Mrs Stead's group will be asked to put their word into a sentence.

Times table challenge

On Mondays and Thursdays children will be tested on their times table challenge. They will be given 2 minuites to answer as many mixed up questions as they can on their given times table. We start with the 2s, then 5s and then 10 times tables before moving onto the 2s, 5s and 10s mixed bronze award. The children must achieve 12 or more out of 15, 3 consecutive times to move onto the next challenge. Scores will be stuck into their times table books as well astimetable sheets and worksheets to practice with.


Please continue to bring money in daily in purses or wallets. Fruit and milk are still given out daily.

Reading books

Please make sure reading books are in school everday. Take time to make sure you are enjoying a range of texts with your children.

Our Autumn Topic

This term our topic is The Deep Dark Wood! 

We will be looking at animals and their habitats and how food chains effect the ecosystem within woodland habitats. We will be looking at things that are living, dead and have never been alive and learning how to classify these. All of this work will link to our exciting adventure to Fox Howl after half term. We will be comparing our school and surrounding area's habitats to Delamere forest.

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Later in the term we will be having a history focus looking at the events leading up to The Gun Powder Plot and how this significant event changed the lives we lead today.

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In art we will be looking at painting and digital media, looking closely at tones and colour. In design and technology we will be creating out own animal habitats in the form of bug hotels and bird boxes.

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In Geography we will be looking at compass directions and using these to complete simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of Delamere and its grounds and the key human and physical features of its surrounding environment.

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In maths we will be focusing on number, making sure we have a secure understanding of the place value and purpose of numbers. We will then move onto the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and look at the effect these have on numbers.

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We have two wonderful books we will be focusing on in Literacy. Firstly, Troll Swap by Leigh Hodgkinson. We will be focusing on fictional writing studying character and setting descriptions resulting in writng stories of our own. After half term we will read The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson and look at non-fiction texts resulting in a report about owls.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the DarkImage result for troll swap


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