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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

What to do if:

  • You would like to apply for a place at our school

    Please look at our Admissions Policy, this will advise you on the criteria that we look at when accepting places at our school.  We will consdier applications from every year group. If you are applying for a place for our Reception Class for the next academic year or you would like to make a mid year application please visit the Cheshire West and Chester Council Website (http://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/) and apply in School Admissions.  With mid-year applications, we receive notification that you have applied for a place and you will hear from us within 10 working days advising you if you have successfully received a place or not.   

  • Your child will be late for school

    If you think your child will be late to school due to a doctors appointment or other unforeseen circumstance, please phone the school office (01606 288040) to inform us of the situation and bring your child to school as soon as possible. If you arrive after 9.00am your child will need to be signed in via the school office in order to amend the register. Persistent lateness not only puts your child at a disadvantage educationally but also disrupts the education of other children in the class. Parents will be notified if this becomes a concern.

  • You expect to be late collecting your child

    We understand that there may be an occasion where you are unable to collect your child from school in time and we ask for a telephone call to advise us as soon as possible.  Children can wait in the school entrance for parents to arrive. 

  • You have an exceptional circumstance that requires your child to be absent from school

    A leave of absence request form must be submitted in to school prior to the absence. The completed form will be considered and a slip returned home with your child advising if the absence has been authorised or not. Under normal circumstances, you should not expect the school to agree to your child going on holiday during term time.

  • Your child is unwell

    Please phone the school office to advise us of your child's illness between 8.30am and 9.15am. If we haven't heard from you and your child is absent the school office will contact you during the morning to enquire about your child's absence from school.

  • Your child requires medicine during the school day

    A 'Request for the school to give medication' form must be completed if your child will be bringing medicine to school for staff to administer. All medicine should be labeled clearly with your child's name, class, dosage and time medication is to be given. We are not allowed to give medicine to children if we do not have the fully completed form. A form can be collected from the school office. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept emailed forms as a signature is required.

  • Your child has headlice or Threadworm

    If your child has headlice you can either use a lotion from the chemist or comb through routinely with conditioner and a special fine toothed comb. Threadworm are surprisingly common in young children. They look like short threads of white cotton and cause excessive itching around the back passage and surrounding skin. The doctor can prescribe medicine to get rid of them but the whole family should be treated at the same time to prevent re-infection.

  • You need to send money in to school

    All money being sent in to school should be placed in a sealed envelope labeled clearly with your child's name, the amount, class and description of what the payment is for. Your child's teacher will collect envelopes in the morning, note the payment and forward to the school office to be recorded. All money needs to come into school on a Monday.

  • School Trips

    There may be school trips or visiting organisations that come into the school to perform for the children. All trips and events are organised to provide not only fun for the children but also to inform and educate them on different subjects. We do recognise that all trips and events are a voluntary contribution but unfortunately if people do not contribute then the visit may have to be cancelled. You can make payment via the class teacher where cash or cheque payments are recorded.

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