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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer

My role at St Chad’s is to work with children and families who may be experiencing short or long-term challenges that could have an impact on a child and their learning.  The work I do varies greatly depending upon the needs of the child and the family involved; sometimes I will have one or two meetings with a family or a child, on other occasions I might continue to work with a family throughout their child’s school life. 

I work in close partnership with lots of other services including the local Children’s Centres, Nurseries, Food Banks, Health Services to name but a few.  By working together we can identify appropriate support for you and your family.

I have an open-door policy and I welcome children, parents and carers to come into school, call me or email me to speak in confidence or ask for support if or when it is needed. 


01606 663683


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