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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Art and Design 2020/21

Subject led by Miss Hardman

Art and Design is taught at St Chad's Primary and Nursery School in Years 1-6 within a contextualised curriculum following the objectives from the National Curriculum which are broken down further into progressive skills.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, Art is taught and explored through the areas of Exploring Media and Materials and Being Imaginative.

Our Artsmark Journey

Artsmark is the only creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England. There are three award levels; Silver, Gold and Platinum.

This year, we have embarked on the Artsmark journey!

Take a look at the PPT below to read more about the Artsmark process and our goals and ambitions.

Curriculum Overview

Take a look at our Curriculum overview to see the different Art mediums which will be taught for each Year group:

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 13.17.02

Progression of Skills

Take a look at our Progression of skills document to see how each skill has been broken down and is taught across the school:

Art and Design Curriculum Policy


Culture Days

As part of our Artsmark journey, we have planned to provide our children with the opportunity to experience life in different cultures and experience the work of great artists, through hosting Cultural Days.

What are Cultural days at St Chad’s?

We have organised some cultural days to take place throughout the year to provide our children with an opportunity to experience life in different countries. We will aim to invite guests in to speak about the focus countries, as well as participating in activities such as cooking, music, dance, language and art. This links to one of our Artsmark targets of providing pupils with authentic experiences and also supports the National Curriculum objective to expand children’s understanding of the historical and cultural development of great artists.

 Our first Cultural Day...


          Mexican Day!

During our Mexican day, the children explored learning all about the country including learning some Spanish, listening to traditional music, tasting Mexcian food and producing some fantastic pieces of artwork inspired by the Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada

Competitions / Links within the Local Community

We are always keen to get involved in any projects taking place within our local community.  Our pupils love seeing their work displayed and are very proud of their efforts.

So far, we have worked alongside local Artist Cath Campbell to create pieces of artwork which were displayed and showcased at the Cinewindow on the Winsford Town Centre.

We have also recently taken part in a pop-up Art exhibition ran by the Winsford Town Centre, which focused on the theme "Inventing our history", which was inspired by our experience of the Lockdown. The art exhibition represented this unique moment in time and our children were asked to create work which reflected their experience and perspective of this time.  It was a wonderful event which was celebrated by our local community.  Images of the event can be found here: 


Workshops with Art Specialist

This year, we have arranged some specalist Art workshops with a local Art Specialist, who will work alongside each class to create some fantastic pieces of work.

Our children will be exploring and developing their Digital Media and Sculpture skills during these workshops. 

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