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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Welcome to Reception


Staff in Reception

In our class you will find Ms Cox and Miss Jones.  Mrs Worrall works in the class in a morning and works with individual children on speech and language interventions across the school in the afternoon.


In Reception we follow the Letters and Sounds programme to help your child learn their sounds.  These sessions take place each day and are called Phonics.  

We have just started working on phase 2 letter sounds.  We are earning to recognise the grapheme for the letter and the sound associated with it.  You will received an action booklet at our Reading and Phonics meeting in September to support your child at home.

When your child is able to recognise a large proportion of their Phase 2 sounds and is starting to 'blend' the sounds to read individual words we will introduce them to our reading scheme so that they can practise their skills with you at home.

A good website to use is www.phonicsplay.com this has lots of interactive games that you can play with your child.


This term our topic is 'Marvellous Me' where we will be exploring what makes us all special and how we fit into the larger school.  The children will also be learning new routines and learning to be one of a whole class.  Their social interaction opportunities are important at this stage as well as developing good learning habits and developing relationships with their friends and staff. We will also be developing our physical skills through PE and Write dance as well as our general active learning opportunities. 

Maths in our Classroom


In maths this half term we will be:

  • Learning to recognise numbers 1 to 10 and beyond.
  • Learning to count an object to determine how many objects are in a set ~ remembering that it is the last number we say.
  • Associating a value with a numeral
  • Using everyday language to compare the size of two or more objects.
  • Lots of number rhymes counting forwards and backwards.

Learning to Read


Please make sure that you support your child to learn their letter sounds and actions.  This is the foundation for reading and we will be building upon this by blending these sounds to read simple words and introducing key words which the children will bring home in the form of Barney's Bones.

I would also encourage you to share picture books with your children developing their love of stories and allowing them opportunities to answer questions such as 'What do you think will happen next?' or 'Why is that character looking so sad?'.  Reading the pictures is an important skill associated with early reading.

Please write a comment in your child's reading journal about how they are getting on with their letter sounds, It is lovely to read the comments that have been written by parents.

If you have any questions at all, then please do not hesitate to ask.

Collection of your child

Please let a  member of the Reception Team or Admin team at the office know if your child is going to be collected by a different adult at the end of the day.  We will not let any child go home with someone other than their parent/carer unless we have been informed that someone different is picking them up.  

Thank you for your support with this.

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