Christian values and our vision underpin everything we do at St Chad’s. Our daily act of Christian worship is a precious time for children and adults to come together, spend time in reflection, thinking about our values, ourselves and our world.

There is no compulsion for any child to engage in prayer, nor do we try to persuade any child to any faith route. We provide opportunities for children to be quiet and reflective, to consider bigger issues and their own philosophy, to grow spiritually themselves, to grow in their relationships with others and our world and to think about the intangible, whatever their faith or non-faith position. We encourage tolerance of all beliefs and respect for all views.

Worship is led by the headteacher or teachers, by visiting clergy from St Chad’s church and by the children themselves.

We have a variety of forms of worship –

Here is our policy for collective worship:

Here are our Collective Worship plans for each term: