Happy Lunchtimes

Our Happy Lunchtime System is as follows:
The Play Zone – an area of playground will be known as ‘The Play Zone’. Each day a different activity will take place, drawn from a wide range of activities designed to appeal to different ‘styles’ of play.
The Zone will be supervised by lunchtime staff on rota who will determine each day’s activity. They will ensure the rules are known and respected.
The Zone is designed to be inclusive – a place where everybody is welcome to come and play.
The Zone is designed to embed ‘novelty’ into the playground offering.
Lunchtime staff will take it in turn on a rota to plan the daily activity. A booklet of activities is available to get ideas from.

We will still continue to have the football zone, playleader zone, climbing area and general play area. In good weather, a field zone will also be included. There will also be a quiet zone where the picnic tables are. The outdoor classroom may also be used – this is for reading, colouring, puzzles, table games, arts and crafts. Staff can have a quiet challenge or game here such as the button challenge.

Forest school will be open during lunchtime, offering a space where children can enjoy exploring nature, help with the allotment or take part in activities such as bug hunts, archery and gardening.

Each a half term, the lunchtime team get together and select a group of children who have been showing our goals in action in the hall and on the playground. These children are invited to have lunch on the “Table of Awesomeness” alongside a staff member the children have chosen.