Muddy Puddles Lessons

The ‘Muddy Puddle’ approach is a type of outdoor learning that allows the children to be outside whilst still embedding and learning academic curriculum-linked subjects. So, rather than only doing number work in books, we will also take the learning outside!

Our Muddy Puddle lessons support the three Muddy Ms:

Mental Health

Mother Nature

Move More

Our teachers deliver an educational curriculum that both provides academic learning balanced with the nurturing care of the three Muddy Ms.

Muddy Puddle Teachers try to balance their indoors approach with the outdoors and, in line with our whole-school vision, regard mental and physical wellbeing as important as their academic studies.

The Muddy Puddle Teacher ideas are all engaging and make the children feel as if they are playing whilst learning at the same time! Children love to make use of our fantastic field, forest school, pond zone, reflection zone and amazing orchard area!