All of our children are placed in one of our four houses. Each week they collect dojo points for their team and captains announce the winners in Friday’s Celebration Worship. During the year, there are a variety of competitions for houses to take part in to earn extra points. Our houses hold important values and pride themselves on demonstrating these around school.

Altruismo – The House of Givers

House Captain – Jenson Vice Captain – Sam

Altruismo is linked to the rainforests of the Amazon, where a group of powerful Brazilians were given the name because of the Portuguese meaning behind it: “the Givers.”

This house show bravery, strength and giving — they are a team that knows that real power comes not from looking out for yourself but from empowering others. They care deeply about lifting others up, but they also maintain a competitive spirit and pride.

Amistad – The House of Friendship

House Captain – Isabelle Vice Captain – Harry W

Amistad is linked to Mexico. A group of kind but powerful individuals that are known most for their unconquered spirit. This is why, in the language of their ancestry, their name means “friendship.”

The House takes great inspiration from its symbolic animal, the peacock which represents friendship and protection. Members of our House are consistently challenged to self-reflect and find their gifts and talents.

Isibindi – The House of Courage

House Captain – Harry R Vice Captain – Peyton

Isibindi are like a pride of African lions, where family means everything. In Zulu, Isibindi means “courage.”

This house shares the symbolic animals: the gentle and beautiful swan and the proud and courageous lion is what makes Isibindi so unique. It is a House that knows when to be strategic and creative, or when to go full force with power and strength. This is why Isibindi welcomes creative and quiet kids and turns them into leaders over time.

Reveur – The House of Dreamers

House Captain – Amelia Vice Captain – Noah

Rêveur is a royal House whose name in French means “dreamers” or “idealists” — because the members recognize their dreams and will let nothing stand in the way of achieving them. This can be seen in the unicorn, which is on the center of the House’s crest, a powerful creature who is almost impossible to tame.

The size of the House is not as important as the size of the hearts and efforts of its members and this house team are incredibly determined.