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Subject led by Miss Colley

Here at St Chad's, history is taught using a topic based approach by linking teaching and learning to a new topic each term, whilst still covering the content of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2.  History is often taught in a cross curricular way, linking historical themes, skills or concepts within other subjects.  In the EYFS, history is introduced as childen begin to explore their understanding of the world and develop historical skills such as enquiry and chronology.  


In history, we intend for our children to:

  • Develop a chronological understanding and sense of the past. 
  • Learn about famous figures and the impact they had on our lives. 
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding of the growth of our nation and it's relationship with the wider world. 
  • Develop historical skills, such as enquiry to research and discover for themselves. 

These should be built upon each year to ensure the children progress as historians as they move through school from EYFS upto Year 6. 

We aim to equip our children with the skills to become budding historians by exploring the past to develop an understanding of the history of Britain and the wider world. We encourage them to form opinions, perspectives and judgements and inspire their curiosity through enquiry based learning. 



We understand the importance of first hand experiences for teaching history and use our local area and resources to support and embed learning. We aim to provide these rich opportunities regularly for our children across the school. We use services such as the Winsford Education Library who can provide us with reading resources and historical artefacts to encourage children's enquiry, ask questions and discover for themselves.

We also aim to provide a range of historical visits throughout the year across all year groups. Some of these include visiting an Air Raid shelter for WW2 in Year 6, Chester Grovesnor Museum in Year 4 when studying the Romans, Weaverhall Museum in Northwich to explore a range of historical concepts including the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and visiting Rosie at Weaver Dairy House Farm who has a wealth of knowledge about the local area and history of farming. 


History policy


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