Subject led by Mrs Hardy and Miss Adams

At St Chad’s we believe that mathematics is best learnt through the children having a deep, conceptual understanding of a range of mathematical ideas. We challenge the children to make rich connections across distinct mathematical areas and to use their strong factual and procedural knowledge to help solve problems. By celebrating learning and through engaging challenges combined with the application of a concrete, pictorial and symbolic teaching and learning approach, we inspire the children to increase their fluency in mathematics and to become increasingly sophisticated problem solvers, both in mathematics and across the curriculum.

At St Chad’s, we endeavour to develop each pupil individually and personally, to promote enthusiasm, confidence and enjoyment of mathematics itself, and in doing so help children to appreciate the part mathematics has played in the development of science, technology and our civilisation and the contribution made by many cultures to the progression and application of mathematics.

Maths Scheme

We have adopted the White Rose Maths Hub long term approach to maths.  The WRMH planning is a national project designed to provide schools with the most up to date processes and procedures in Mathematics teaching and learning. 

At St Chad’s, we are working hard within the teaching of maths.  Our aim is to develop a culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths across the whole of our school – a culture that produces strong, secure mathematics within each year group. By building confidence, resilience and a passion for maths, we show all children that maths is an exciting adventure that everyone can enjoy, value and master!