Religious Education

At St. Chad’s our RE curriculum is planned to help our children to develop a basic understanding of
different religions and worldviews. It will enable our pupils to have informed conversations about
different religions and worldviews, in a positive way which recognizes similarities and also
celebrates differences.
Our curriculum is centred on the study of Christianity with links then made outwards to other faiths
and worldviews.

In comparing Christianity, our learning is focused towards Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, and
Our pedagogy promotes the concept of Religions & Worldviews, with religions discussed in terms of
denominations and what most or some members of that religion or worldview may believe or
follow. Religion is a personal and unique way of making sense of, and connecting with, the world.
However, this worldview is informed not only by faith and religion but also culture, history and
personal background.

To create commonality between Key Stages and Year Groups there are Golden Threads that run between the different units of study. Children will revisit many of these threads each year to deepen their knowledge and understanding. The Golden Threads are: