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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Music 2020/2021

Subject led by Miss Hough

Music is a wonderful method of bringing people together, allowing us to share the same experiences and feel emotions as one. Here at St. Chad’s C of E Primary and Nursery School we want to provide all children from the EYFS through to Year 6 with the opportunity to play and perform in a variety of contexts. Through Christmas shows, performances in Church and the wider community and in end of key stage shows. We encourage all children to participate in music lessons to ensure they have a lifelong skill and passion for music that will grow with them as they get older.

To allow us to implement this vision for music we have invested in a progressive music scheme called Charanga. 

Charanga is an online musical school that supports the development of skills from the foundation up. Starting with an understanding of how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together before appreciating how these vary across different genres. By the end of Key Stage 2 all children will have had been able to receive specialist music tuition in a brass or windwind instrument of their choosing. They also will have appreciated the history of music, studied music from other cultures and will have been exposed to the language of music with the ability to read musical notations.


Our first year as a Charanga Musical School will be spent addressing any gaps in learning. Classes will be engaging in units of work that will develop solid foundations for future music teaching. All children will receive a Yumu home learning account so that they can continue to engage with lessons when remote learning as a result of school lockdowns.

Music Gallery

Cultural Days

This year we started our Cultural Days. We aim to have one day each term that will be dedicated to learning about another country, their cultures and their traditions. Our vision for music at St. Chad's states how music can bring people together and en element of this is understanding how music is at the foundation of cultures around the world.

Pupils will have the opportunity to listen and appreciate wide and varied styles of music from other countries.

This year we celebrated mexican culture in the autumn term. We are already planning our next cultural days.

Music Specialists and projects

During a typical academic year we invite musicians and theatrical groups to join us in school to share their skills and performances. We enjoy annual assemblies hosted by Key Strings to teach us music history, explore instruments and the way that they sound. In previous years we have also been fortunate to have joined the Halle Orchestra, participated in african drumming workshops and have been lucky to have hosted an event by the Maasai Warriors with other primary schools in Winsford. 

We have adapted our way of providing this music specialism with our pupils. We have signed up to AmaSing! Pupils can join in with weekly wellbeing online remote singing classes led by a professional composer. We will also be working with AmaSing in the future to compose a song for an exciting project led by Chester Zoo.



Creating, performing and listening to music can be moving or even spiritual experience. We encourage children to reflect on the important effect that music can have on people’s moods and senses. Children have the opportunity to encounter music from many different cultures which encourages positive attitudes towards other cultures and societies.

Children will find a self confidence within their own musical skills - whether this be a composer in the background or front of stage lead singer! By closing their eyes and listening to the music that surrounds them, pupils will be able to travel to different countries or times. Moreover, they will develop a lifelong love of music.

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