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St Chad's Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Reading 2020/21

Subject Led by Miss Hardman

Reading is very important at St Chad's, we work hard to develop enthusiastic and passionate readers. We further strive to promote a love of reading for all children.

We prodominantly assess Reading through regular Benchmarking, the Pathways to Read assessment grids and through phonics assessments. In school, we further use the Accelerated Reader Scheme and Read Theory, to support with our teaching of reading and to develop children's comprehension skills.

Reading Areas

We have Reading areas/ books in every area of school including our butterfly room and offices.

We regularly update our Reading areas in our classrooms to ensure they are exciting and inviting for our children.

Reading Meetings 2020

Please see the EYFS/KS1 and KS2 'Reading Meeting' PowerPoints below to find out more about how we teach and support reading at St Chad's :

Guided Reading

In Year 1, Guided Reading is taught once a week through a carousel style. Throughout the session, each child will complete a small group guided read session with the class teacher, a follow-on activity, a phonics activity and a comprehension activity. The activities are carefully planned and differentiated to the children's reading and phonics abilities.

Years 2-6, follow the 'Pathways to Read' scheme for their Guided Reading sessions. 

These weekly Guided Reading sessions involve both whole class shared reading and group reads.

The Main Strands of Comprehension:

  • Retrieval
  • Vocabulary
  • Predictions
  • Retelling, recalling, summarising
  • Inference
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Author of the Month

As a way to discover and learn about different authors and books, this year we will have an “Author of the Month” focus in school. The authors will vary between well-known authors and more current authors.

At the start of each month, children will be given an information sheet about our new author to take home and share with their families.

Throughout the month, we will also partake in a range of activities in class to celebrate the author, such as; reading a variety of their books,writing books reviews, acting out favourite scenes from a book, sharing favourite lines and quotes and writing letters to the author to ask questions, to name a few!

Take a look at the authors we have celebrated this year so far :

Promoting Reading for Pleasure

At St Chad's, we work hard to promote a love of reading for all of our children.

Ways we promote a love of reading:

  • Author of the month - we explore and celebrate a new author in school each month.
  • Mystery Readers -  Children's family members are invited in to read to the children but the children do not know who is coming.
  • World Book Day - this is an exciting and important day which we love to celebrate at St Chad's!
  • Regular teacher/TA reading swaps where children have different teachers reading to them. 
  • Reading areas/ books in every area of school including our butterfly room and offices.

  • Star Reader Chart - A reward chart in each classroom to encourage and recognise home reading.

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Reading Across the Curriculum

We are keen to ensure that high-quality, engaging texts are used across the curriculum, including in Foundation subjects.

We have planned to use quality texts that are linked to the different topics taught in class.

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Reading Policy

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